May all new years begin in new places

In saying ‘yes’ to life, you say yes to it all; how life can crumble you, and how life can surprise you. I stayed in on New Year’s Eve not because I didn’t have anything to do, but because there was nothing I particularly wanted to; some years deserve a quieter salute. The noisier the year, the quieter the salute?

Staying in on New Years Eve, allowed me to wake up early. I caught the year’s first sunrise as we drove out of Bangalore, and stopped at Mayura on the Bangalore-Mangalore highway for breakfast- dosa, idli-vada, chutney and kaapi. A little later we arrived in Chikmanglur. I spent the first day of the year eating too much, serenading a swing, in a machan giggling at a sky full of stars, playing a board game and then another, mulling over life as we sat by a bonfire, in a place I had never been to before. A new beginning cannot be more beautiful.

The weekend lingered on. With a map, a car and a search button, we were able to spontaneously discover places around Chikmanglur, Halebidu, Belur and Badra, and the stories behind Bangalore’s beautiful and unforgotten temples. A few thousand years later, Bangalore’s temples stand tall; a testimony to beauty and time that stands still, even as everything destructs.

We were filled with hope. We were filled with hope and laughter that comes only from discovering beauty that stays in a world that loses so much of much of it every day. We were filled with hope from discovering new places, god knows this world has an endless supply of it.

May all new years begin in new places…

& hope.



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