I fell asleep last night in a warm, fuzzy daze; we’ve been strangers for so long, happy and I. Sleepless, harried, tired, dreamless, sad they’ve all come and gone..& I’ve always had trouble being happy in the moment, in life as is.

Last night warm and fuzzy stopped by; little has changed, or perhaps so much has, I’ve finally learned to be happy in the moment. There’s a joy in singlehood I’ve only just discovered.

Maybe its the homes that let you in. Into their kitchens and their hearts. The people and couples that adopt you, calling you over for dinner, insisting you stay until breakfast. The girlfriends that never go. The new ones that come by, the fun, lighter, single ones who’ve learned to embrace life like you. And finally the men that linger on, who understand that friends stay on. That men and women can be friends, after all.

The shop windows that take you in; there’s nothing quite like learning go dress for one. The take-away delivery boys who smile; the neighbours who stop just a little longer to ask you, “how you doing?”

I’ve been on the other side- embracing their loneliness; its been good to finally embrace mine.

In gratitude.



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