Are you OK?

I have an understandable urge to send out a message to everybody I have ever known. Are you OK? It is an answer I almost don’t want to hear. Of course I want you to be OK. But I don’t know how you can be OK any longer, and how I can be OK, and how we can all be OK when every last thread is falling apart.

The earth, its people, its love are all decaying, being ripped apart in unimaginable ways. It is almost unbearable now.

My old and favourite aunts have died, the only love I ever see is unrequited or fragile or venomous and destruction comes again and again without warning.

There are only so many pictures you can see. Of life cradling death. Only so many ravaged walls you can run your hands over. And, only so many reels of newspaper you can ignore.

Perhaps, life’s greatest tragedy is that it goes on.

I am not OK, we are not OK, and I hope that is OK.


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