A little ramble in the rain!

It rained in Bangalore today, without warning, and perhaps not out of season, but it made me yearn for Bombay. Yearn for Bombay, the familiar aching of the first monsoon shower, the first smell of first rain, the incredulous it always fills you with. I discover, there is joy in rain in Bangalore too.

With rain comes hope, and memory, the old and familiar company of what once was, what will always be. If there is one truth of the past, it is that it is irrefutable. Friends remain, lovers stay, cities live. And the rain reminds…

I cannot help myself. I am suddenly in a warm Gurgaon home, playing the x-box with the boys, in a noisy Bombay street forcing the rickshaw to ply, in Dharamshala with Richard Gere’s favourite lemon cheesecake, in SultanAhmet, Istanbul, with an upturned umbrella…

Memory isn’t as fleeting as rain. And as I throwback to the many loves and cities and rains I have lost, I realize I need so little. My life has been so full…

I really am learning to be still!


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