Hello, 2015.

It’s a little for me to be kicking off the new year, and I wonder if losing myself to the moment, or rather the moments, is for better or worse? I must write. If for nothing but to remember who I used to be…

The not so little girl, hanging off a train, nothing but poetry spewing in my head, and then on paper, and then onto a blog, and then at a slam, and then at a writer’s meet, and then once again. I used to live to write. Funny how it never really let me be truly young…And now when I am old, or at least no longer write, it is too late to be young.

We are our choices and I wonder if I was right at all in growing up too quickly, and now when I’m older, in growing old too stoically. I miss being wonder-eyed. And, perhaps just a little, I miss being in love.

Maybe I am in love then, or is it really love if it isn’t unabashed, and unthinking and unruly? I’ve forgotten, or I do not know. And, I think i  truly never really did…

Not once, not in Bombay that I yearn for and shirk away, not in Gurgaon that I fervently push away, and not in Bangalore, that befuddles, did I ever truly learn what love is.

If new years are new starts, then I wish this…

An answer to what I’ve been asking for many years now..what is love?

What is it? Happy Valentine’s Day.



  1. sagar678

    Love is a state of mind. One is in love with the idea of love & any person who understands this fact about you becomes a lover.

    The definition of love – From Neruda & Rumi to Bharti (Hindi writer) and Murakami have tried to search for it but have been unable to. Reason, IMO, is simple- You do not define it. You feel it. You live with it. Love is a simple smile, a small gesture which says I care for you, love is picking you up from the airport even though you can easily take a cab. You can not fall in love unless you want to fall in it. And when you want to be in it, you just be. 🙂

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