On traveling alone

I always wonder at people who travel alone, and thrive at it. You fight all of life’s battles nearly and almost alone, why would you want to travel without someone, anyone in tow? The world is better discovered with people.

Or, maybe its just me. Maybe I tire myself out so much in waging and lugging far too-many single-handed wars from everyday life, that when I travel, I want the peace of company.

It takes me some courage to walk, or cycle, or sit through cities and cafes and neighborhoods alone. I’ve learned to get a little better with time, a little more comfortable in my skin, a little less bothered from prying eyes. I’ve learned, and perhaps a little sadly, to turn nonchalant too.

But, Bangalore surprises me. Its streets are not as busy as Bombay and yet, its people are not as probing as Gurgaon. Bangalore is quiet and inattentive and unaffected, I can spend a whole day in her alone and unfettered and at peace.

I am reminded of large airports and scattered crowds and a gentle busyness that doesn’t yearn to know anymore than it already does.

Ive always loved airports, even with its goodbyes. It reminds me always of life and its favorite song…Wild World.

I wonder now, if I am falling in love with Bangalore too?


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