Getting by

Nutella for breakfast always makes me nostalgic for Saturday mornings from three years ago, it has been that long. In all the ways that life can break you, love and death itself are possibly the hardest. I cannot be sure.  In the last two years, I have met too many, too many broken in so many ways, and in their sadness I have wondered at life at all…

Life is going to break you. Life is going to bring you to the happiest people, and snatch them from you without warning. Life is going to make you love, and startle you with its loss. It is going to make you yearn, and then laugh as you lose yet another dream. And for some, for some it is even worse, dying in wars, and losing in fires, and now even falling in pieces from the sky.

Despite this, and perhaps because of this, I am decided in never being complacent enough to get on by. Life cheats you out of someone you love, pick yourself up, and love again. Life denies you a promotion you earned, get right out and do it again. And, life hurts you with the brutality of death, yearn and live and love even more for it.

Life is fleeting, the happiness of it even more so. It is blasphemy to be okay with getting by, slip-sliding from one half-baked day to another…

Make it count. Come what may.



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