Here I am, again

Here I am, again. Caught between something I want terribly, and the distinct possibility that like all good things, this too may get away. This too may fall to oblivion, slip away from grasp, disappear just as it comes to life.

But, here I am, again. Learning to grasp lightly. Learning to yearn without dependence. Learning to trust in the life that has brought me to this…

For life has been good. It has turned away all that was real but unfulfilling. Good but off the road…

And, I’m staring at the road now. I do not know what lies ahead, and with all the gentle persuasion that comes with becoming wiser, I know it will be what is right. Life has been forgivingly on line.

I do hope though… I do hope that what is right, is what I want. What I want with all the yearning a want can possibly have.

It has been awhile.


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