Back to school

Few things in life are as fanciful as sitting in a college campus, and watching life go by. College has to be among the nicest luxuries you can afford  yourself; the reckless late-nights, the whirlwind of assignments and alcohol, class and campus, maggi and chai. 

I had a glimpse of this last week; we were staying at the IIM Bangalore campus as part of a scheduled training. The 3-idiots campus is amazing, stretches of green, lanes adorned with trees, its unique pergola-styled architecture, and free-spirited campus. Students linger around campus late into the night, the cafe is still churning out egg-and-cheese maggi at 2am; and a walk around campus stumbles into many small and laughing groups of friends.

There’s a party on a terrace, and the music dates back to when we were in school; when all else changes, thank god for music that remains the same. We join in the dancing. In that frivolousness of name-calling and tuneless- dancing, I want to be young again.

Or maybe I am young again. We run around campus, the Bangalore air has never been better, and land up at Au Bon Pain, the on-campus coffee shop, our looking-glass into the world.

Students and delegates, young and old, able and handicapped throng the glass cafe in the middle of the woods, for the day’s soup, the coffee, the freshly baked bread and most of all that strange and beautiful energy born out of many passionate hearts and minds all in one place.

Diversity is embraced, everybody helps one another, an old man reaches out to a man on a wheelchair, a professor counsels a student, colleagues discuss work.

In this happy spot, where all you can see is the good, and promise, and joy that is life…I am at peace. James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ plays in the background.


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