Thank you 2013

You have to give some years the quiet salute they deserve. So, I said goodbye to 2013, with a cup of tea, a bit of music,  family.

Sometimes, when caught between years, you have a sense that nothing will be the same again. Therefore you choose to stay in, begin your year with an  early morning, a 7km run,  coffee, old friends. Then, you sit back and think about how 2013 moulded you. For some years take from you, and some years yield to you, and some years prepare you.

In so many ways, 2013 prepared me. I lost people I loved deeply, and in the void I learned how to be self-reliant. I fell in love, and in the strange ways in which love makes you wait, I learned patience. I walked a 170 miles in a month, and in the insanity, I learned perseverance. I travelled to 5 places I had never been to before, in their newness I discovered mine. I signed up for more new experiences than I ever before and in it I learned openness. I warmed up to more strangers that I ever had before, in that I learned to embrace myself, my freedom, unconditional love.

I took up more responsibility than I ever had, in it I acquired confidence. From the friends I kept, I learnt hows some things in life shouldn’t change. In the new friends I made, I learned how warm up again. In teaching children, I learned compassion, and I learned, and learned and learned.

In getting what I wanted and the tears that came with it, I learned that good does come to those who wait. In everything that was denied to me, and there was so much, I learned to keep faith in the plans of divinity. I learned to believe. And, then accept that there was someone out there taking care of me.

And, finally I learned to run…

In 2014, I have my eyes on the goal, unlike ever before. It is in the quiet, that you discover purpose.

[Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year :-)]


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