Catching my breath

In the final weeks of 2013,  I haven’t written a word, read a few thousand, and listened to barely any music. It has been all too much to bear- the weariness, the gloominess, the deep despair that comes with life…and so,  I have escaped, escaped into a maddening maze of calendar invites, and appointments, and emails, and making something out of nothing. Everything is so much easier when you have barely any time to sleep, and all your waking hours are exhaustingly spent in creating something, anything.

Life has been kind. Life has been kind enough to be spontaneous when I needed it the most, take me impulsively head on into a maze of new experiences, each more overwhelming than the last. In the last three weeks, I have gone back to school, discovered the pubs in Bangalore, walked coyly at India Gate, spent all-days at Crawford Market, and at workshops, and spent all evening at sea, on a yacht, out of Bombay.

I have embraced everything that has come my way, the ups and the downs,  as if all of life now is a piece in a divine scheme laid out hundreds of years ago. Some people come by ephemerally, some stay awhile…and all of our lives fall into place just as it is meant to.

It is time to take stock now, time to slow down the pace of a year that has been heady and rewarding, as it has been mellowing and humbling. I sit in my pyjamas and read through Sunday evening, and try a little to find myself again.

Maybe, I can turn up the music?


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