Notes from Cappadocia- 2

A month ago, I picked up a conversation with a friend whose status proclaimed: I’d rather be driving my Ferrari.

‘Rather than?’ I asked.

‘Everything,’ he said.

‘Everything?’ I wondered. And went on to realise that I didn’t have a rather than…at least not any one thing I’d rather be doing more than anything else in the world.

Weeks of mulling this over, I realised what it was when I chanced upon conversation among strangers, Chinese from Sweden and Indians from Mumbai. When I dug into Turkish flat bread for breakfast that was a bit like a cheese pancake, and a bit like a flaky cheese naan, and yet like neither. In this world, all things are so much like each other, as they are not…

We spent the day meandering through the sights of Cappadocia. Teachings of Christ scratched onto cave walls, remnants of churches from 11th Century AD. Eyes gouged out, crosses scratched onto walls…you could see the pain, and passion laid bare as if it were only yesterday.

We climbed eight floors into the underground cities that were used over centuries to escape from enemy invasion, and even used as recently as 50 years ago. In the musty tunnels within tunnels, you could crouch into a little of their lives: what it would be like to live underground for months, and catch only a slice of sky, and only if you were lucky.
Then, we arrived at the pigeon valley: pigeon holes carved perfectly into opposite walls of the valley, and you begin to wonder what it would be like once again…

In the cracks with time, and all that still remained, Cappadocia really takes you back into a past long before you can imagine.

And, brings you back to a present, in which you wonder how your time will look in the centuries to come…
In those questions, you find answers. And I realise I have found my rather than…

Travelling. I’d rather be travelling more than anything else in the world. Now, tell me yours too?



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