Hello, Turkey

Once in an odd while, you come across a blog on the www that compels you to write. A calm and composed blogger’s diary, a voice so absorbed in telling its own story – you want to rake out your own. You may also find in there a snatch of writing that makes you understand the life you want, and that what you are looking for in your future partner is not a drinking buddy, or a reading partner, or a party hopper to keep your date but really a always-adoring bucketlisting companion who adds to your bucket list, and helps you meet your own. This may seem a rather trivial discovery, but it has taken me many years of scratching out perfect lists to boil it down to this…(and I am glad.)

It is good to leave on a holiday with some sort of clarity, even if it is not all the clear mind-space you were hoping for. After all, that’s what holidays are for: to find your clear mind-space in the muddle of new people, and places and passions.

As we go through the usual chaos of packing for four on a family holiday, my father reminds me it is our first holiday overseas in 11 years. Given my parents spent much of their savings touring the world through our growing up years, this is a startling discovery. Indeed a nostalgic one too.

So much has changed in 11 years, and yet so little has. My father still pours over maps in great detail (and will continue to do this even as we are flying and watching the airplane inch to destination) and I still continue to confuse roads, and maps, and currencies, preferring rather to learn on-road.

My mother however is now an accomplished tour guide, and prefers to reach the airport before the rest of us to check arrangements. (I am still trying to convince her how this is not another one her official on-duty assignments) My sister has turned out to be a rather clever almost-lawyer, and we can certainly count on her to argue our way through airport and other iternary upheavals.

This is going to fun 🙂 Hello Turkey! Books in tow, dreams on the line… (should be good to catch a breather right in the middle of it all.)






  1. anon

    Hellowha, Merhaba…good time for the visit. İyi günler. (good day, even if you may have to experience some flight delays, its become common now)..hope you do enjoy very simple things you’ll see, amidst all these… Cheers..;) , Selam, İyi günler…..

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