Luckily, I woke up and I see that the world is just as it should be.~ My Best Friend’s Wedding

I woke up this morning to petrichor, the scent of Bombay rain. At six thirty am, I stared out of the window, watching the rain fall down; it had come without warning, I had missed the sign in the newspapers, dismissed the weather reports, embraced the summer. Yet the rain had come…

And made me turn on a love song, and think happy thoughts and mull over all the good people my life had been blessed with. The rain rinses you off anger, and so should growing up. With age comes acceptance, and I have  from among other things, growing up, learned: All you want needn’t work out, and everybody will not be how you would like them to be.

Oddly, I have been thankful for all that has not conspired between last May and this May. If all had turned out as it were then, would I have spent my weekend at the Turf Club, Pune? Would I have spent my weekend laughing over a new crush at Tertulia, my favorite drinks and dinner venue in the country? Would I have danced with abandon to the 7o’s and woken up to breakfast at the reopened German Bakery, bless its soul?

Would my dreams be what they are now, bigger, and closer, and more fervent than ever before? Perhaps not.

Acceptance has made me calmer, and happier and more at peace: I do not always react, and almost never in anger. I give in less to the over-demanding, expect less from the less forgiving. I focus on happier moments with happier people; my life is an array of movie plans, and dinners at new restaurants, and farewells, and weddings and moments of love, moments important to people, milestones in the drudgery of everyday life.

Speaking of which, I had been distraught with how little I had used my vacation time over last year, how little I had travelled on my savings. I spent the beginning of May fretting over travel plans and company that wouldn’t fall into place; and then I accepted…

I accepted that if this is what I want, this too, will be.

Sitting at the end of May now, I have two tickets booked to Goa, and then to Leh. I have a weekend trip behind me. And even more travel company.

Time, it needs a little time.

Life, it needs wile.

And then one day you wake up, and everything is as it should be. (Don’t stop believing.)



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